Color Mud Mask Set 

RM138.00 / RM228.00


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Color Mud Mask Set 

RM138.00 / RM228.00

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New Zealand Glacial Clay + Brazil white mud + Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Removes skin dirt, tightens skin, it has a delicate skin feeling and gently cleans the excess oil and dirt secreted by the skin, at the same time, soothes and moisturizes, tightens pores.

New Zealand Glacial Clay + Brazilian Red Mud

Gently removes skin dirt, tightens the skin and helps repair the skin.

New Zealand Glacial Clay + Canadian Purple Mud + Saccharide Isomerate

Gently removes skin dirt,tightens skin, gently cleans the pores, and absorbs excess oil and dirt on the skin.

how to use:

1.After cleansing, apply a hot towel to the face for 2-3 minutes to help open the pores

2.take a proper amount of facial mask and apply it evenly on the face with mask brush or finger pad, with the thickness of a coin

3. wait for 15 minutes and rinse with water

4. use 2-3 times a week.

The Bio-cellulose mask is made of bio-fiber material that can isolate bacteria;
Using natural and delicate edible fungus fiber as raw material, it is naturally fermented by yeast;
20 nanometer ultrafine fiber: perfectly applied to the skin corner, erfect absorption;
3D three-dimensional staggered structure: excellent gas permeability, excellent adsorption, excellent coating power.

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