(Freeze-dried Tigernut Milk Powder)


Highly nutritious, addictive, mineral-rich plant milk suitable for vegans, and people with soy, peanut, almond or dairy milk allergies. Naturally sweet, delicious and creamy in taste. Great as coffee creamer – better than soy or almond milk.

100% safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, as well as children of 2 years old and above. Diabetic-friendly.

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(Freeze-dried Tigernut Milk Powder)


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We use 100% real foods as ingredients and they are all listed clearly under the ingredient section. No alien words or chemical terms, just names of real foods grown in nature, not labs. These foods, worthy to be labelled as wholefoods, are foods close to their natural form, either unprocessed or have been processed as little as possible. 

In other words, ‘tigernut milk’ means original milk of tigernuts squeezed from its raw, puréed flesh, not diluted milk with added sugar, binders, colourings or flavourings to mimic its original taste.


How does one access the rich minerals trapped inside the tough, jagged skin of tigernuts? 

Colloid milling technology, which primarily works on the rotor-stator principle, grinds material through a tight, fine-toothed gap between a high-speed turning rotor and a stationary stator. The teeth of the rotor and stator will pierce into the hard shell of tigernuts, crushing its flesh, and releasing all its nutrients, forming into a rich, smooth and fragrant purée. Milk will then be extracted using high pressure compression applied onto the purée, before being freeze-dried into fine powder.

Fun fact: Tigernuts are actually tubers, hence safe for people with nut allergy.


In contrast to cheaper conventional methods of drying which uses heat, vacuum freeze-drying is a long, expensive and highly sophisticated technology. Liquid in tigernut milk is first frozen to ice in a blast-freezing chamber (-40°C in < 3 hours), before being removed through sublimation using a vacuum system.

Such advanced technology ensures the natural taste, colour, fragrance, and nutrients (enzyme, vitamins and minerals) of tigernut milk are carefully preserved and sealed within. The same as drinking fresh tigernut milk!

Fun fact: Tigernuts are actually tubers, hence safe for people with nut allergy.


Our finely-powdered plant milk not only tastes delicious, but it is formulated to be easy to digest as well. In a way that even your body will thank you for that.

Does not cause bloatedness.
Does not cause stomach cramps.
Suitable for elders.
Suitable for children above 2 years old.
Suitable for people with poor appetite.
Suitable for pregnant mamas with morning sickness.
Suitable for people with poor digestive system.
Suitable for people with IBS.


With the rising emergence of lactose intolerance, health concerns, and environmental impact, consumers are looking at a healthier and more sustainable alternative — plant-based milk.

Comprised of complete protein, dietary fibre, digestive enzymes, Vitamin E, folate, and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, Zerolait is formulated to be equally — if not more — nutritious as cow’s milk. It provides you energy and nutrients for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, building or repairing muscle tissue, boosting immune system and transporting oxygen to all cells. Compared to cow’s milk, Zerolait is free of allergens, hormones and cholesterol.

Did you know? The dairy industry is one of the major cause for climate change, due to large amount of greenhouse gas emissions by cows.


In recent years, the world has seen a sharp increase in demands for healthier and more sustainable plant-based milk options. While many turned to almond, soy, rice, coconut, oat or pea milk, our lead nutritionist has discovered the potential in tigernut milk — one of the most under-explored, under-utilised plant milk in the market.

Unlike many plant milk in the market, Zerolait is non-GMO, free of extracted or synthetic nutrients, and free of additives such as added sugar, colourings, artificial flavourings, thickeners, stabilisers, preservatives or other additives. Does not contribute to weight gain, inflammation, or diabetes. Taste great as a coffee or tea creamer than other plant milk.

Fun fact: 60% of Zerolait is comprised of tigernut milk. Despite its name, tigernuts are not nuts. They are actually tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes, hence suitable for people with nut, soy, gluten, or dairy allergy.

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