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Slimfinity set


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Slimfinity AM – Chocolate , Strawberry Yogurt and Matcha Latte Contains more than 25 kinds of rich nutrients, including the exclusive ingredient from France — Perfload®, which can effectively exercise performance and fat burning effect, as well as accelerate muscle repair after exercise. It also provides sufficient protein nutrition to avoid muscle loss, helping fat burning more effectively.

Slimfinity PM – Peach Triple Block is a nutritional beverage designed for everyone who aims for weight loss. It is a healthy drink that helps to reduce fat, sugar and carbohydrates absorption. Diet control or starving yourself is not required to achieve weight loss.

This sweet and sour yet delicious and appetizing drink is best consumed 30 minutes before dinner. It will form a protective layer in the stomach and intestines, which helps to reduce excess fat, sugar and carbohydrates absorption, at the same time lose weight healthily and effectively even when practicing normal diet. It is formulated with high-concentration natural ingredients which is effective in reducing blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol levels, achieving zero burden from heavy meals. Meanwhile, it helps to protect and optimize the body’s muscle function, repair muscle strain caused by exercise, and keep you active at all times.

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