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Replacement of your meal stylish & Healthy

*Total Increase protein content

*Fragrant & crispy Oatmeal

*Crispy Texture

*The entire feeling better

*Feel stratified for longer term

*Improvement of nutrition



Rich in flavonoids to improve blood circulation. Contains large amounts of antioxidants to prevent retinal oxidation. Prevents free radical damage to tissue cells. Effectively improves brain function. Maintains youthful skin with beautiful skin.


Pumpkin Seeds

Effectively stimulates the growth and development of the body. Protects the gastric mucosa and improves digestive function. Rich in vitamins to remove harmful substances from the body. Rich in cobalt which can active the rate of human metabolism. Contains unsaturated fatty and vegetable protein to prevent disease. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular such as arteriosclerosis.

Soy Protein Powder and Seeds

Rich in natural protein. Effective in preventing animal protein from damaging the kidneys. Increase the body’s resistance to disease. Improves blood circulation and increases metabolic rate. Accelerates wound healing

Whey Protein Powder

Increase muscle mass and strength. Promotes the restoration of muscle function. Stimulates insulin release and lowers postprandial blood glucose. Increase satisfaction from food and reduce hunger. Reduces intestinal lipid absorption

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