Fibronectin Regeneration Serum

From China


Regenerate skin cells and repair skin barrier

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Fibronectin, or FN for short, us a multifunctional protein found in human cells and cells. It is involved in the whole process of cell growth- providing nutrients and information channels to cells. FN fibronectin, composed of two peptide chains, has six functional regions, which are combined with collagen, heparin, cells, fibers, etc., and have the biological functions of cell regeneration and repair. Experiments have proved that skin problems such as sensitive muscles, hemorrhoids, red blood, dry peeling, hormone face, post-sun repair, and post-medication art repair have obvious repair effects.

FN can regenerate cells in all layers of the skin and accelerate the renewal of aged cells in the stratum corneum. Rebuild cells, increase skin barrier, repair damaged skin, antibacterial and anti- inflammatory, acne, dilute acne marks, repair after sunburn, red blood, allergic skin repair. It works better with the other four stock solutions.

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