Diffuser + 2 solution set 



set A-Shower Gel 

set B-Shampoo

set C-Hair mask

set D-Hand sanitizer


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Diffuser + 2 solution set

Pure C +

Combination of Nano and Airborne Antimicrobial Technology 

Inhibit Up to 99.99% Coronavirus


*DISINFECT: Inhibit up to 99.9% of bacteria & viruses, including H1N1, H2N3, SARS virsu, MERS virus and Corona virus.

*NSF Certified Food Grade 100% – Achieve 99.9% Sanitization in less then 60 seconds.

*EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant – Scientifically Proven & Tested

*SANITIZE: Effective against viruses & bacteria on all hard & soft surfaces.

*IONIZE Freshen indoor and outdoor air

*Eliminate Haze & Smoke

*PURIFY: Eliminate Airborne, Allergens & Germ

*Eliminates Allergens, Pet Dander & Dust Mites

*Kill Mold & Milldew
*STERILIZE: Creating an environment safe from bacteria, viruses or other living mircroorganisms.

*Remove Odor & Stale Air

*HUMIDIFY: Replenish moisture & improve humidity level for comfortable & healthier living. Extremely pleasant to be used in Air-Conditioned Environment.


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