CC Argan Hair Oil


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Carrie’s Collections hair oil

Weightless and versatile oil concentrate nourishes and smoothes hair while achieving a soft and shiny finish.

Direction to use:
Rinse, gently towel-dry and apply a liberal amount to damp hair or dry hair evenly and
distribute with comb or fingers, avoiding roots and concentrating on hair ends.


Ingredients – ARGAN OIL

Creates head-turning shine and moisture
Chock full of vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil moisturises your hair without ever
making it look greasy. It is a deep-conditioning moisturiser that infuses each strand
with healthy oils and prevents moisture from escaping. This gives your hair the
shine and moisture that you’ve always wanted.

Reduces frizz and flyaways 
Argan oil is good for your hair because it creates a glossy finish by creating a
protective sheath around the hair shaft. What this means for you: no more frizz,
flyaways or split ends.

Nourishes your hair with the nutrients it needs most.
Argan oil is good for your hair because it contains essential oils and fatty acids that
are incredibly restorative to dry, damaged hair. Not only does it repair damaged
hair, it helps to maintain healthy hair by keeping it supple, soft, and well-nourished.

Protects against environmental damage 
Heat from styling, salt from sweat, UV rays from sunlight. All of these take their toll
on your hair. The antioxidants in argan oil are good for your hair because they
protect hair from heat, salt and environmental toxins, so it stays beautiful and
healthy as you go about soaking up all this world has to offer.

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