Brightening Replenish Gentle Intimate Wash




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Brightening Replenish Gentle Intimate Wash

brightening replenish gentle intimate wash


* To brighten skin on an intimate part

* For post-procedure care and cleansing

20% Intimate Flora Strengthening after 24hrs

* 97% Natural Ingredients
* Intimate Rejuvenation
* Strengthens Intimate Mircobiota
* Soap & Paraben free

* Gentle & Creamy Texture

* Brightening of Intimate Part

Satin Moisturising Gentle Wash
(bain de soie) 200ml

– Prevents intimate infections (24h protection)
– Prevents urinal infection
– Moisturising and conditioning effects

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Moisturising Massage Gel (essence de joie) 100ml

– Boost elastin production by 40% after 18 hours
– Improve elasticity while regenerate and redensifying vaginal dermis
– Restore healthy vagina flora balance

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Satin-Feel Massage Oil
(plaisir de soie) 100ml

– 10X intimate hydration improvement
– 72Hours lasting efficacy
– Stimulate GAG and collagen production

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Soothing Conditioning Silky Balm
(baume de beaute) 50ml

– Soothes, moisturizes, regenerates fibroblast activity and favours wound healing

– 80% oxidative compounds restore smooth silky tecture for skin and hair
– Improve scar appearance (massage 2x daily for min 3 months)

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Deodorising Care Mist
(brume deo & soin) 30ml

– 24H anti odour effect
– Decrease lipase activity
(odour causing)
– Protects, smoothes and moisturizes the skin

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Brightening Replenishing Wash
(bain blanc) 200ml

– To brighten skin in an intimate part
– For post-procedure care and cleansing

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Brightening Replenishing Balm
(baume blanc) 30ml

– Lighten and whiten dark parts of the skin
– Skin healing

– Soothes and evens skin tone

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Brightening Soothing Body Mist
(deo blanc) 35ml

– For 24-hour anti-odor effect
– To brighten private parts

– To reduce irritation

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