Previa Ananas

14 sachet MIX With BerryNice


We all know pineapples are good for our body, but who knew pineapples could elevate the taste of plain chia drinks to such extent?

A blend of cold micro-milled, premium organic chia seeds, soluble fibre from non-GMO corn and freeze-dried local, naturally sun-ripen pineapples, our Harmony® Previa Ananas makes chia seeds even easier and much more interesting to consume without losing its great nutritional value. Boasting better digestibility, richer dietary fibre content and anti-inflammatory properties than chia seeds alone (thanks to the freeze-dried pineapples), Harmony® Previa Ananas now enables your body to absorb the nutrients faster, easier, and more efficiently.

It is light, refreshing and appetising. It is an incredible result of not two, but three nutritious foods, thoughtfully planned and designed to fit perfectly in a modern society.

Discover the benefits of chia seeds and how important soluble fibre is.

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Previa Ananas

14 sachet MIX With BerryNice


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Vacuum freeze-drying technology.

In contrast to cheaper conventional methods of drying such as convective drying, spray drying, sun drying or microwave drying that result in loss of nutrients, poor colour, texture and taste, vacuum freeze-drying is a long, expensive, highly sophisticated process which ensures excellent, high-quality results in terms of preservation of shape, colour, taste, scent and nutrients.

Instead of using heat, this low temperature drying process takes place whereby liquid in fruits is frozen to ice in a blast freezing chamber, and then removed through sublimation (solid to gas directly, without intermediate transition phase of liquid) using a vacuum system.

With this advance space food technology, we assure you that all enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other precious nutrients are carefully preserved and sealed within.


99.99% purity, premium-grade. USDA and EU certified organic chia seeds finely ground at a constant low temperature (<26°C) to preserve even the most heat-sensitive nutrients.

Enables easier, more efficient digestion and absorption than whole chia seeds – without losing the seeds’ original nutritional value.

It is all about bromelain.

An incredible enzyme found in pineapples that breaks down protein molecules into their building blocks for better digestion and absorption.

Prevents chronic inflammation and blood clotting. Relieves muscle soreness, joint pain and sinusitis symptoms. Improves skin allergy symptoms, bowel movement and speed up wound healing.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Boasts a golden ratio of 3:1, Omega-3 to Omega-6. Replenishes the lacking Omega-3 in the body.

Prevents inflammatory diseases i.e. cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes caused by an imbalanced diet of Omega-3 to Omega-6, a highly common occurrence due to regular consumption of grains, processed food and oils.

Learn how harmony® previa ananas benefits you.

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