Antarctic Seaweed 5pcs sets



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Antarctic Seaweed 5pcs sets



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antarctic seaweed sets

Antarctic Seaweed Moisturizing Foam Cleanser

It effectively removes dirt and leaves your skin clean and moisturised

* gentle cleansing 

* water and oil balance

* cleansing skin

* smooth foam

Antarctic Seaweed Moisturizing Toner

Hydrating your skin for a plump and radiant look

* further cleaning

* effective hydration

* increase absorption

* hydrated and moisturized

Antarctic Seaweed Deep Moisturizing Essence

Instant surge of hydration is the best solution for your dehydrated skin

* instant surge of hydration

* long-lastig moisturizing

* improve muscle base


Antarctic Seaweed Moisturizing Lotion

Hydrating and moisturizing

Powerful absorption

* increase absorption

* highly moisturizing

* soft and smooth


Antarctic Seaweed Deep Moisturizing Cream

Hydrating and moisturizing, but not greasy

Long-lasting moisturizing effect your skin feels moisturized and fresh

* moisturizing but not greasy

* smoothing wrinkles

* nourish your skin for a glowing look


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